Even if You Aren’t Chewbacca Mom, You Should Try FB Live for Your Business

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You may not be Chewbacca Mom, however, everyone seems to be using FB Live.  FB Live rolled out in January this year.  You can literally broadcast your life to your FB fans at any moment from your personal & your professional page using your mobile phone. Exciting & scary. How should we as small business marketing masters use FB Live?  Should we too wear a Chewbacca mask?  Well, part of me wants to say yes. However, smart me says that’s not my target market. Darn.

Using FB Live is very tempting and it can be very effective. What we need to know about FB Live however is that it can be clunky and work against you. Don’t use it unless you are prepared and know how it works. You do not want to be speaking to your FB audience and show them anything but a professional. Believe me. I know. I tried it. It wasn’t pretty. As I say…I do these things so you guys don’t have to.

Here is what I know:

  • Prepare! Have your mobile device pointed at you on a tripod. Have a remote ready to start/stop your session. (Unless you are live at an event.)
  • DON’T stare at the phone or put your face to close the phone so that when you start people get a nice shot of your eyeball.
  • Make sure you know the content you want to discuss inside & out.
  • If you are going to show your desktop screen, move the tripod slowly. No need to nauseate your audience.
  • People will be coming in and out of your feed. They will be asking questions or making comments in your comment section. You will answer verbally. Don’t stop and stare at the question. Read it out loud if it’s relevant. Answer it.
  • Thank people joining at the beginning and end, not all the way through.
  • Don’t break your flow because you don’t know where to find the things you are trying to show. Have them ready.
  • Make sure that the environment matches the tone you are trying to convey. Having Fido in the background for a laid back broadcast is fine, but a cat walking across your keyboard doesn’t scream “look at me I’m a professional”. If you are broadcasting from your office, make sure the camera doesn’t pick up your piles to file.
  • Be open and authentic. I said be prepared, not canned.
  • Promote your FB Live (when possible) in advance so your fans know when to tune in. Encourage them to “subscribe” so they know whenever you are on Live.
  • Have a reason for being on Live. What are you conveying? Is it funny? Cool? Informational? What are you going for?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Enjoy the process. If you aren’t enjoying the process, don’t do it.

So, that’s it! If you are planning on going Live…enjoy! I would love to hear some feedback on how it went. Email me at Amanda@herr.company. Until next time!

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